Stamped Concrete

Take Your Home’s Look to a New Level with Stamped Concrete

If you’re interested in spicing up the traditional look of concrete in and around your home or business, Lakeside Ready Mix has an excellent solution that won’t break the bank.

The global market for stamped concrete continues to grow, which is no surprise when considering what a durable and versatile building material it is. It’s an extremely popular choice for modern flooring – especially for homeowners who want something that truly stands out much like a work of art – and is still very affordable.

Often referred to as textured or imprinted concrete, this process replicates the beauty of nature without all the cost associated with natural materials. If you want the appearance of stones, brick, tile, or even wood, you can achieve it with stamped concrete. A highly sought-after material that can be used on patios, sidewalks, driveways, porches, pool decks, and other surfaces enhances areas in and around the home that could otherwise be unexciting and a bit boring.

Three procedures are involved with stamped concrete, which separates it from other concrete methods; the addition of a base color, an accent color, and stamping a pattern into the concrete. These procedures provide stamped concrete with a color and shape similar to the natural building material. It also is longer-lasting than paved stone and still resembles the look.

When you choose stamped concrete, the possibilities are endless. Featuring more than 100 patterns and 900 color combinations, you can create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look that can emphasize the surrounding area. Special coloring effects can be applied to the surface, bringing patterns to life with realistic color and texture variations, and creative designs can further make the area stand out.

Once you seal stamped concrete, its color deepens while increasing protection against weather and wear. Sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, stamped concrete also boasts greater longevity than traditional concrete or pavers.

The natural-looking color variations and stamped concrete patterns can enhance and beautify residential, commercial, civic, and municipal decorative projects. It also requires less maintenance, is longer-lasting than paved stone, and still mimics the look. Lastly, and of great interest to many who choose it, stamped concrete can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional materials.

If you want to create a unique look in and around your home or property, stamped concrete’s realistic natural beauty can be your very own work of art!

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